Our Vision...

Building Tomorrow Today

Reach 4 Your Future Foundation Objectives

  • To help our children and the community at large to understand the importance of creative and progressive educational programs.

  • To provide a platform where children of all socio-economic backgrounds can come together to help global communities.

  • To use education as a pillar to transform communities towards prosperity.

  • To encourage and bring out the creative nature of our children by guiding them in finding solutions for a better tomorrow.

Organization History and Experience

R4YFF has over six years of experience working on educational development programs including health and grassroots infrastructure. It focuses on

  • Digital Learning Studios

  • Construction of Bridges for grassroots communities

  • Infrastructure rehabilitation programs for schools post natural disasters

Since 2014, R4YFF has been involved in three social action projects in Fiji in collaboration with RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University. The final year Engineering and Science students of RMIT University participated in these projects which showcased how these budding young engineers and scientists applied their acquired knowledge and skills to the real-world challenges. From the beginning, young students have been engaged in the designing of Information Technology Literacy Centers in schools and construction of bridges providing safe travel for childrenand communities. Moreover, a group of 26 RMIT University’s final year Civil Engineering students have been engaged in designing resilient schools for Fiji after the incidence of Cyclone Winston in February 2016.


The first bridge was completed in 2015, and the second bridge, spanning some 80m across a river, was completed in March 2017(See Figure 1 through 7). The first completed bridge project in the highlands of Waivaka in Fiji not only provides people with safe access across a high current river susceptible to torrential flooding, but also empowers the entire community to strive for goals previously un-imagined.


Children can go to school year-round, expecting mothers can safely get to the hospital or clinic, and farmers always have easier access to transport their crops to the market.The students who participated in our projects are now placed in fulltime employment in their respective areas of training. They have celebrated their work placement owing to the exposure to such
social action based engineering projects and life-long learning experiences. Hamish Currie, employed as a graduate engineer with Sinclair Knight Mertz group, acknowledges that he gained practical experience designing two pedestrian suspension bridges while working in Fiji for six weeks with local engineers, government stakeholders, local university students and community groups.


As a university student and budding engineer, he found it empowering to be able to use what he learned in classes to
make a meaningful impact that reinforces the moral and ethical values of education throughout his life.