Reach 4 Your Future Foundation in collaboration with World Vision Australia has embarked on a Solar Lighting Project that will benefit children who have no access to electricity or restricted electricity supply. The following countries have been nominated to receive solar lanterns, which will assist the children with their school work at and their safety at night by having access to a safe reliable solar light.

  1. Uganda Refugee Camp

  2. Cook Islands

  3. Fiji Islands

  4. Solomon Islands

The project will engage Australian Primary Schools on a Project Based Learning initiative. This,using a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Curricular learning agenda. Australian students will learn the scientific fundamentals of electricity and means of generating electricity using renewable source and the environmental benefits of using renewable energy for electricity generation.

The children will
then engage in a practical learning initiative of assembling a Solar Lights, which will be made available in light kit form. Once assembled the children will test the light for its safe operation and then pack the lights to be sent to their peers in the above mentioned countries.

Children will learn and reflect on how knowledge can be translated to everyday
behaviour of improving the quality of not only their own lives but significantly contribute to elevating the lives of their disadvantaged peers, isolated from the basics necessities.

You can sponsor a Solar Light Kit, which will have a binary outcome for the children taking the initiative to acquire new knowledge to assist their disadvantaged peers and the light recipient (children) who will have the benefit of a secure light source to assist with their education and properity.

Light up the future of a disadvantaged child by donating a fully tax deductible Solar Light Kit