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Welcome to Reach 4 Your Future Foundation! We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of students, families, and communities through meaningful educational experiences. Our authentic learning programs bridge the gap between curriculum theory and practical real-world outcomes. We strive to contextualize STEM Education in real-world applications and equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


Korotari Suspension Bridge

The construction of the suspension bridge has enabled safe access to essential services and markets for the people of Korotari, with improved attendance to classes for the children at Korotari Arya School. The project has also provided educational opportunities for final year Engineering students from RMIT's School of Science and Engineering, who gained valuable practical exposure in structural and civil engineering.

Our Mission

To ignite young people's curiosity through transformative service-learning programs, inspiring them to become active agents of change in a connected world.

Our Vision

To Connect Young People to an Engaged Future

Lautoka School of Special Education - I.T. Donation

The Lautoka School of Special Education in Fiji is a partial government grant-funded school that caters to 77 students with various forms of disability, who primarily originate from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. Before the donation by Reach 4 Your Future Foundation (R4YFF), some of these students were paying a levy of $3.00 per session to a local computing literacy school, which most families could not afford. As a result, some children missed out on attending classes, further exacerbating their disadvantage. R4YFF stepped in to help bridge this gap by providing ten thin client computing systems to the school, free of charge.