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Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street
Photograph by Marcus O’Leary

About Us - 2023


We are a public benevolent organisation that ignites the potential of young people through our transformative service-learning programs, inspiring them to become active agents of positive change in the world.


Students often question the relevance of what they learn at school and its application in the "real world." Traditional content is often disconnected from real-world problems, and students may wonder if and how they can apply what they've learned to solve these problems.


- Active Learning

Active learning approaches, such as STEM education, service-learning, and project-based learning, put student action, exploration, and questioning at the forefront of problem-solving. These approaches engage students in deep learning, igniting their curiosity and dynamic learning agenda.

- Service Learning

A Service Learning framework, integrated with Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking strategies, motivates students to learn, engage, and give back to communities in need. Dewey's theory that learning is a holistic process that combines content with experience in real situations and contexts resonates with this approach.

- Design Thinking

Design Thinking strategy develops learners' creative confidence to innovate. Learners engage in experiential design challenges, focusing on developing empathy with a specific audience, advocating a bias toward action, and fostering creative problem-solving.


By engaging students in a meaningful educational experience, we can make an impact on the lives of students, families, and communities. Service-Learning enhances student academic achievement by connecting theoretical content knowledge to real-world applications that solve community problems.

In the words of John Dewey, "If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." By integrating active learning models, we can contextualize STEM Education to real-world applications and prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.