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Usha Sen Passion for Science Memorial Scholarship

Empowering Tomorrow's Scientists through Education and Legacy

Embark on a journey of empowerment and education with the Usha Sen Passion for Science Memorial Scholarship. This distinguished scholarship stands as a tribute to the late Usha Sen, a beacon of inspiration in the realm of science and humanitarian service.


The scholarship is dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of high school graduates pursuing undergraduate degrees in pathology or science. It seeks to honour Usha's enduring commitment to education and service by providing a platform for passionate individuals to pursue their dreams in the field of science.

Annual Pledge

Fueled by the generous annual pledge of $5,000.00 from Usha's Husband, Ganesh Sen, this scholarship is a testament to their shared vision of fostering excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. The annual pledge serves as a catalyst, empowering deserving candidates to overcome barriers and excel in their scientific pursuits.

Join us in celebrating Usha Sen's legacy, where education meets compassion, and dreams take flight.

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About the Usha Sen Passion for Science Memorial Scholarship

The Usha Sen Passion for Science Memorial Scholarship pays tribute to the remarkable life of the late Usha Sen. Usha's journey began with a display of maturity and resourcefulness from a young age, excelling in mathematics and science during high school. As the eldest among her siblings, she ventured to Australia in 1988 at seventeen, with her aspirations to pursue a medical career. However, her responsibility for her younger siblings shifted her academic path.

Balancing work, studies, and home management, Usha decided on a more financially viable route, earning a Bachelor of Medical Science from the Queensland University of Technology in 1995. Her illustrious thirty-one-year career as a medical scientist showcased expertise in various laboratory domains, with a specialisation in microbiology. Usha's ability to identify uncommon pathogens and aid doctors in precise diagnoses defined her professional excellence.

Driven by her humanitarian values, Usha extended her expertise beyond her profession, mentoring young scientists and actively participating in charitable endeavours. For over two decades, she supported World Vision, sponsoring two girls from Bangladesh through their nursing qualifications. In 2012, she was pivotal in launching the Reach 4 Your Future Foundation (R4YFF) with her husband, Ganesh Sen, an Australian Education Foundation promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) projects to assist underprivileged children globally.

Usha's commitment to education and service didn't cease at national borders. Her legacy lives on through the Usha Sen Passion for Science Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship, open to high school graduates pursuing undergraduate degrees in pathology or science, welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, particularly Pacific Island nations and underdeveloped nations, especially those who have overcome significant challenges to secure university placements.

Applicants are encouraged to share their stories of triumph over adversity, emphasising their commitment to community service and volunteering. The scholarship celebrates Usha Sen's enduring spirit, unwavering educational commitment, and passion for empowering young students to pursue science degrees.

The Usha Sen Passion for Science Memorial Scholarship is a testament to Usha's profound impact on education, service, and her relentless dedication to humanity. Through this scholarship, her legacy lives on, inspiring and supporting the next generation of passionate scientists.